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The Story so far

spotlight musicals GmbH was founded in November, 2003. Since that time our company has been engaged in developing and marketing musicals. Our concept of staging musicals with historical backgrounds at original locations has proven to be successful year after year. To commemorate the 1250th anniversary of the death of St. Boniface, the young business team made its stage debut in Fulda in 2004 with “St. Boniface – The Musical”. Staged in the original location Eisenach, “Elisabeth – the Legend of a Saint” followed in 2007 commemorating the 800th birthday of St. Elisabeth. In 2011, for the first time, a novel formed the basis for fascinating stage material. Our company worked in close cooperation with the bestseller author Donna W. Cross to produce “Pope Joan – The Musical”. The musical exceeded all expectations and our company received international acclaim. In 2012, the 300th anniversary year of Frederick the Great’s birthday, the musical “Frederick – Myth and Tragedy” was performed in Potsdam, the city associated with the original story. The most recent production was the premiere of “Kolping’s Dream” which was staged to mark the 200th anniversary of Adolph Kolping’s birthday. After the sublime success of “Pope Joan - The Musical” spotlight musicals once again will concern another famous novel in 2015. The new musical "Treasure Island” connects the brilliant adventure from the worldwide bestseller to the sweeping circumstances of life of its author Louis Stevenson. In 2016 the first stage adaptation of the world bestseller "The Physician" by Noah Gordon was released. In 2019, spotlight musicals GmbH restaged its musical "St. Boniface" to celebrate the 1275th anniversary of the founding of Fulda. It was performed on a large open-air stage in front of the tomb of St. Boniface. After two postponements due to the Corona pandemic, the world premiere of "Robin Hood - The Musical" finally happend 2022. The musical is composed by Dennis Martin in cooperation with world star Chris de Burgh. A new production of the musical "Pope Joan" by director Gil Mehmert at the Schlosstheater and the open-air revival of the musical "Bonifatius" at the Fulda Cathedral Square are planned for the musical summer 2024.

Since 2004 there have been altogether 1.001 spotlight musical performances in the Fulda Schlosstheater:
“St. Boniface – The Musical”:   155 performances
“Pope Joan – The Musical”:   315 performances
“Kolping’s Dream –The Musical”:   29 performances
“Frederick – Myth and Tragedy”:   16 performances
"Treasure Island - The Musical":   56 performances
"The Physician - The Musical":   253 performances
"Robin Hood - The Musical":   177 performances

The average audience capacity was 90%.

Further Locations:

In the years 2007, 2008 und 2009 there were 170 performances of “Elisabeth – The Legend of a Saint” in Eisenach and Marburg.
2006 Bremen:   “St. Boniface – The Musical”   15 performances
2010 Erfurt:   “St. Boniface – The Musical”   7 performances
2012 Potsdam:   “Frederick – Myth and Tragedy”   33 performances
2012 Hameln:   “Pope Joan – The Musical”   36 performances
2013 Hameln:   “Pope Joan – The Musical”   17 performances
2013 München:   “Pope Joan – The Musical”   10 performances
2013 Wuppertal:   “Kolping’s Dream –The Musical”   22 performances
2014 Hameln:   “Frederick – Myth and Tragedy”   6 performances
2015 Köln:   “Kolping’s Dream –The Musical”   one performance in the Lanxess Arena
2016 Hameln:   "Treasure Island - The Musical"   17 performances
2018 München:   "The Physician - The Musical"   22 performances
2018 Hameln:   "The Physician - The Musical"   30 performances
2019 Hameln:   "Pope Joan – The Musical"   22 performances
2021 Hameln:   "Treasure Island – The Musical"   22 performances
2022 Füssen:   "Treasure Island – The Musical"   26 performances
2022 Hameln:   "Robin Hood – The Musical"   29 performances

To date, spotlight Musicalproduktion GmbH has produced a total of 1.466 shows.

The well- tried and proven concept of spotlight musicals centres on our aim to create productions which reach the quality standards of large-scale productions staged in, for example, Hamburg or Berlin. By attaining the highest degree of efficiency we are able to keep the ticket prices at regional levels, whilst only engaging top class performers and consulting specialists when needed to implement creative ideas. Currently spotlight is working on new material which will have its world premiere in 2015.

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