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Am 22.11.2017 hielt die spotlight musicals GmbH ihre Pressekonferenz ab. Hier die Inhalte im Überblick:

Pope Joan - The Musical: The First Performers for the 2018 Season Confirmed

WeckerlinSeibert 900webSabrina Weckerlin and Mark Seibert are to play Johanna and Gerold in Pope Joan / Dennis Henschel alternating with Mark Siebert in the role of Gerold.

Schedule 2018 / Several Changes in the Musicals

The Physician 14 July - 11 August 2018

All 200 performances of “The Physician – The Musical” which have been staged since the world premiere in 2016 were sold out. The musical was then greatly modified for the 2017 season and will be performed in 2018 with the same high quality standard.
We are pleased to announce that the popular cast of 2017, which included Friedrich Rau, Johanna Zett, Andres Wolfram and many other great talents, will once more take to the stage (for photos please see the enclosed press CD) Due to limited time for which the theatre is available to us, we will only be able to stage thirty-eight shows.

Treasure Island 18 August - 2 September 2018

“ Treasure Island – The Musical” had its world premiere in Fulda during the Fulda Summer of Musicals in 2015. Andreas Lichtenberger created a Long John Silver who thrilled both young and old. This fast-paced musical has been reworked and returns to Fulda in an even more action-packed version with a great story line and brilliant visuals.
Friedrich Rau, Anna Thorén, Andreas Lichtenberger (for photos please see the enclosed press CD) and many other top performers are on board for the trip to Treasure Island.

Pope Joan 15 June - 7 July 2018

One of the demands that we have on our work is that our musicals should always be developed further, and we feel this process contributes greatly to our success. The new version of “Pope Joan” to be styaged next year is, therefore, not simply a repeat of previous productions, but a completely new show: all the basic elements of the production have been modified.
There will be many new features to see in the areas stage setting, lighting and costume. We have partly rearranged and orchestrated the music and have made a completely new recording of the music with the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra in Prague. We have also made over a hundred changes to the story line; some changes are only fine details, but some are deep modifications. The entire scenario in Fulda, for example, has been significantly changed. We have made the character “Rabanus” younger and he is no longer the abbot of the monastery, but instead the prior and head of the monastery school. He is replaced as head of the monastery by the figure Abbot Ratgar, a new character, who has been created to imbue the monastery scenes with a dark, menacing atmosphere. We felt that there were too many moments when Joan was “overprotected”. The new version creates a greater awareness of the danger to which Joan is exposed in the Fulda monastery due to her subterfuge.
The combination of the first-class cast, which includes Sabrina Weckerlin, Mark Seibert, Reinhard Brussmann and many others and the new features ensures an exciting, rounded production.

Preview 2019

Boniufatius Logo 200web
The musical “Bonifatius”, staged in 2004, was the first step in the development which has led to Fulda becoming a centre for musicals.
Over 100 shows (all sold-out) were performed in the Schlosstheater in Fulda. This high-quality production, whose central figure is inseparably associated with Fulda, received many musical awards and was highly praised by the German national press. The success was such that the show was even staged abroad.
In order to celebrate the 15th jubilee of this historical drama, it will return to Fulda in 2019.
Only a few metres away from St. Boniface’s tomb, the story of the “Apostle of the Germans” will once more come to life.
“There cannot be a more powerful symbiosis between a stage story and its location. We are really looking forward to 2019. We will integrate the historical setting of the cathedral square in a new, elaborate production. There will be a large orchestra from Berlin and, as always, many well-known musical stars”.
The sole problem is that there will only be a maximum of six shows. For Fulda (where two hundred shows of the musical “The Physician” were sold out in no time) this represents a truly exceptional opportunity.

22 – 25 August 2019 (possible extra dates: 26 and 27 August)
Ticket sales to start in summer 2018.

There will, of course, be other shows in the Schlosstheater during the 2019 season of the Fulda Summer of Musicals. The full programme will be published in spring 2018.

Preview 2020

de BurghMartin 900webThe Composers of the new musical Robin Hood: Chris de Burgh (left) together with Dennis Martin (right)

Statement von Chris de Burgh

"I have been enjoying coming to Fulda for many years now and I have given many concerts here on various occasions, both in concert halls and on the cathedral square.
I was therefore curious when I was asked if I would like to collaborate on this musical project.
On the evening of my concert in Fulda, which was part of my world tour, I attended a performance of the musical “The Physician” and was amazed by the theatre and the show which was extremely professional and far better than many I had seen in metropolitan cities.
Some weeks later I invited Peter and Dennis to my house in Ireland so that I could get to know the guys better which was important as it was possible that I would be working with them for almost three years. A few years previously I had been involved in a musical project which had not been a positive experience for me, but Peter and Dennis greatly impressed me with their passion, energy and commitment and the quality of their productions.
When the subject of this musical was presented to me I was immediately keen on the idea, not only because of my interest in the Middle Ages, but also because my family tree dates back to this time. One of my ancestors was Hubert de Burgh, the Chief Justiciar of England during King John’s reign, the second most powerful man in England ( he is one of the principal characters in William Shakespeare’s “King John”).
I am writing the music for this project with Dennis Martin who has already proven himself to be an excellent composer. I am sure that we will work together successfully and that the cooperation will result in an exciting musical."

Late Night Live” – An After-show Event for the Fulda Summer of Musicals 2018

The new event “Late Night Live”, run in conjunction with Fulda City Marketing, was first pilot tested in 2017 was aimed at providing local people and our many visitors with an after-show event in the Schlossgarten. On Thursdays between 9.30 and 11.30 pm visitors could enjoy open-air live music and catering in one of Fulda‘s most beautiful courtyards, free of charge. Unfortunately, the weather in 2017 was not always the best for this event, but when the weather was fine the atmosphere in the courtyard was very good.

Late Night Live 900web
In August 2018 there will therefore be a new series of five concerts (always on Thursdays).

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